Housing Element Update

California law mandates that local governments adequately plan to meet the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of a community by preparing a Housing Element as part of its General Plan.

The Housing Element contains:

  • A variety of information relative to a community's housing needs
  • Proposed goals, policies, and programs designed to respond to  needs.

The City of Pleasanton is currently in the process of updating its Housing Element for the Planning Period 2015-2023 to include the following:

  • An analysis of demographic, housing, employment and other trends that affect the housing needs of the community;
  • A summary of the existing and projected housing needs of the City’s households according to the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG);
  • A review of the potential market, governmental, and environmental constraints to meeting the City’s identified housing needs;
  • An evaluation of the resources (e.g., land, financial and administrative) available to achieve the City’s housing goals; and,
  • A statement of the Housing Plan for 2015–2023 to address the City’s identified housing needs, including housing goals, policies and programs.

The Housing Element Update also identifies the City of Pleasanton’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA).  According to the RHNA, Pleasanton must accommodate 2,067 new units at four affordability levels for the period 2014-2022:

  • 716 very low income units
  • 391 low income units
  • 407 moderate income units
  • 553 above moderate income units

State law does not require Pleasanton to build or finance new housing. The City must provide adequate housing sites zoned at various densities to accommodate a mix of housing types (e.g., single-family, townhome and apartment units).

For additional information on this project or to be included on our mailing list for this project, please contact Jennifer Hagen, Associate Planner, (925) 931-5607.