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Johnson Drive Economic Development Zone (EDZ)

New supplemental analyses have been completed for the EDZ and are available for review and comment.

The new supplemental analyses include a Health Risk Assessment (HRA); Updated Air Quality Analysis; Greenhouse Gas Analysis; and Energy Resources Analysis. With the supplemental analyses now complete, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the City is circulating the additional environmental analyses as well as the previously circulated Economic Impact Analysis for public comment.

Conclusions of the Additional Analyses:  There are findings in four areas. A health risk assessment noted that impacts due to exposure to toxic air contaminants are less than significant. An updated air quality/pollutant emissions analysis identified that construction emissions changed from less than significant to less than significant with mitigation while operations emissions changed from significant and unavoidable to less than significant. A greenhouse gas analysis determined the project would have no significant effect on the environment. Construction energy impacts are less than significant, and projects within the EDZ would incorporate energy saving features that will further reduce energy impacts.

The 45-day public comment period will end at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 23, 2019. All public comments should be sent in writing or via email to:

Eric Luchini, Associate Planner, City of Pleasanton Planning Division, P.O. Box 520, Pleasanton, CA 94566-0802,

Subsequent to the public comment period and consideration of and response to any comments as required by CEQA, City staff intends to schedule the EDZ project for reconsideration by the Planning Commission and City Council in Fall of 2019.

Background Information:  The Johnson Drive Economic Development Zone (EDZ) is a proposal to spur investment in 40-acres of mostly under-utilized or vacant land situated along Johnson Drive near I-680 and Stoneridge Drive. The goal of the EDZ is to transform the area into a thriving commercial corridor that capitalizes on its location at the intersection of the I-580 and I-680 freeways; and create opportunities for new uses and services in the community, generating new tax revenue to support City services and programs without increasing anyone's taxes by broadening the City's economic activities. City Council approved the EDZ on November 7, 2017, which included certification of the environmental and economic analysis, amendment of the City’s General Plan, rezoning of the properties to allow an expanded set of uses, and adoption of development standards and design guidelines for the project area. Later, on April 17, 2018, the City Council adopted the EDZ Transportation fee to recoup costs for transportation infrastructure from future development in the EDZ.

In December 2017, a group of citizens filed a lawsuit challenging the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) document certified for the project. Two allegations were made – insufficient information was provided regarding air quality effects of the EDZ on the Stoneridge Apartment Complex on Stoneridge Mall Road; and more time was needed for public consideration of the economic impact analysis. In September 2018, the City Council voted to rescind the EDZ approvals in order to perform supplemental air quality analysis for the EDZ project.

Additional Analyses Documents:

Supplemental EDZ Analyses - combined (July 2019)

Supplemental Recirculation Memo (July 2019)

Health Risk Assessment (January 2019)

Updated Air Quality Analysis (July 2019)

Greenhouse Gas Analysis (July 2019)

Energy Resources Analysis (July 2019)

Economic Impact Analysis (March 2016)

Environmental Impact Report Documents:

DSEIR/FSEIR Recirculation Memo prepared by Environmental Sciences Associates (ESA) (June 2017)

Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) Response to Comments (March 2016)

Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (DSEIR) (September 2015)

Other Reports:

Supplemental Comparative Analysis (August 2016)

Annual Net Fiscal Impact Analysis (March 2016)

Economic Impact Analysis (March 2016)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQs on Supplemental Environmental Analysis for EDZ (Updated July 15, 2019) 

FAQs on Environmental Impact Reports Challenge to EDZ (Updated September 26, 2018)

Johnson Drive EDZ FAQs (Updated August 2017)

Meeting Documents:

September 18, 2018 City Council Agenda Report 

February 20, 2018 City Council Agenda Report

November 7, 2017 City Council Agenda Report 

October 11, 2017 Planning Commission Agenda Report

September 18, 2017 PowerPoint Presentation

September 18, 2017 City Council Agenda Report 

August 29, 2017 PowerPoint Presentation 

August 29, 2017 City Council Agenda Report 

August 16, 2016 City Council Agenda Report

April 12, 2016 Joint City Council and Planning Commission Agenda Report

November 12, 2015 Community Meeting Summary

October 22, 2015 Community Meeting Summary

September 23, 2015 Planning Commission Staff Report

April 15, 2014 City Council Agenda Report