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Police - General

Do I need a permit for my alarm system?

No. The Pleasanton Police Department does not require a permit to operate an alarm (commercial or residential). If you use an alarm as part of a security system, be familiar with the Alarm Ordinance.

I need the police department to sign my building permit, who do I contact?

If you are builder and need your permit card signed by the police department, please call the Crime Prevention Unit at 925-931-5233 or 925-931-5240 and ask for a site sign-off. These must be scheduled, please call in advance.

What is a Vacation Check?

While you are away from your home, a Pleasanton Police Department employee (Police Officer, Community Service Officer, or Volunteer) will check on your home. This is done when calls for service and report writing allow and is free of charge. To sign up, call 925-931-5100 before you leave.

What is Operation Identification?

The Pleasanton Police Department loans at no cost to residents and business owners who wish to mark their property. Recovered stolen property that is marked is more likely to be returned to the owner. Engravers are available for pick up at the front desk of the police department. Mark property with your driver’s license number. Never use your social security number.