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Pleasanton Wifi FAQs

How do I connect to the Downtown Pleasanton Wifi network?


Depending on the type of Operating System you are running, you will perform a search of available wireless networks through your wireless device’s (notebook, Smartphone, etc.) wireless network connection list.  When you see the “Pleasanton Wi-Fi” SSID, you can choose that network and connect to browse the Internet.  Make sure your network card’s TCP/IP settings are set to DHCP.                   

Where in Pleasanton can I get onto the Free Wifi network?


Network coverage can be seen on the coverage map link at The general coverage area consists of the downtown area including Civic Center. With boundaries of Peters St. and Old Bernal (including the ACE stations) to the West; the Arroyo Valle to the North; Deluchi Park and Lyons Wayside Parks to the East; and Civic Center to the South.


How much does it cost to use the network?


The network is free to anyone who is in the coverage area.  Please refer to the Pleasanton Wifi Use Agreement for specific terms and conditions located at


Can I get a signal inside my home or office?

Although we do not guarantee service will be available inside buildings, there will be instances where the wireless signal will penetrate exterior walls and be usable inside buildings.  If you are receiving a weak signal inside your home or office and want to use the network, third party vendors sell laptop and PC antennas that may increase the signal strength.

What kind of connection speed will I get?

At full signal strength without any inference, you may receive a download speed of 1.5mb/s and upload speed of 1.5mb/s.  However, the bandwidth is managed based on usage with priority given for Public Safety and City use

Can I connect other wireless devices such as PDAs and IPhones to the PleasantonWifi network?


Any device that can receive an 802.11b/g signal can use the Pleasanton Wifi network.


Where are the access points located?

Please refer to the network status page which displays the location of the access points and their current state.


Why does the page periodically appear on my browser?

You will experience this if your system is connected to the network for more than an hour at a time.   The DHCP leases for the network are set to reset every 60 minutes and as a result will redirect your browser to                 

Can I cancel my current broadband service and use the Pleasantonwifi network full time?

Pleasanton Wifi is not intended to replace or compete with current broadband providers.  The main purpose of the downtown wireless network is to provide The City of Pleasanton’s public safety and city staff an alternate means to connect to valuable internal resources.  The secondary benefit is to allow the public to utilize the network for incidental Internet access use.   Also referring to the Use Agreement, The City of Pleasanton cannot provide the same support levels for the public wireless network compared to traditional broadband providers.

Why am I unable to use or host some Internet services (peer-to-peer, web hosting, ftp server, etc) on the Pleasanton Wifi network?

There are certain services that are disabled in order to keep the network running efficiently.  Please refer to the Pleasanton Wifi Use Agreement for specific terms and conditions located at            




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