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The City of Pleasanton is collaborating with Abode Services, ECHO Housing, Eden Information and Referral, and the City of Livermore to host an informative resource mixer for Tri-Valley rental property owners.  The event is scheduled for Friday, October 24, 2014, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Pleasanton Operations Services Center (OSC), 3333 Busch Road, in Pleasanton.  Click here for more information.



The Tri-Valley cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville recently received a federal grant to offer a new regional down payment assistance program to Tri-Valley first-time home buyers.  The new program is being administered by the Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center (TVHOC).  Click here for more information.

The TVHOC is also participating in the "Keep Your Home California" program to help struggling California homeowners avoid foreclosure.  Click here for more information.

The Pleasanton Police Department works with local property owner/managers and residents through the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program to promote a safe, healthy and crime free community at rental properties in Pleasanton.  Click here for more information.


Current Affordable Housing Activities

The following is a summary of several projects or activities which are currently underway or related to the City's efforts to promote affordable housing:

In 2000, the City's Housing Commission developed an Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance (IZO) which modified the City's requirements for the provision of affordable housing by builders of new residential projects.  With the increasing cost of housing and the diminishing availability of land, the Commission found it critical to increase the City's efforts to acquire affordable housing through new development.  The IZO requires that any new single-family residential development of 15 units or more must provide at least 20% of its units at a below-market sales price (or at least 15% of the total units for multi-family developments). The IZO includes incentives to encourage developers to incorporate inclusionary units on-site as well as alternatives when the construction of affordable housing units within the same project is found to be impractical or infeasible.  Click here for more information on the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance including incentives and alternatives.

Ownership Housing

The Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center (TVHOC), which opened in September 2005, recently relocated to 141 N. Livermore Avenue in downtown Livermore. The TVHOC is a new non-profit organization that was established through a collaborative effort involving the cities of Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon, and Danville with initial financial support from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Center offers classes on how to find, qualify for, and buy a home as well as credit counseling, financial preparation, and foreclosure counseling. Participants can also obtain information about local (City/County) and lender programs, including down payment assistance, first-time homebuyer programs, housing counseling, mortgage products and more. Additional information can be obtained by calling the Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center directly at 925-373-3130 (

In 2007, the City completed the sale of seven (7) below-market priced townhomes in the Birch Terrace neighborhood developed by Silverstone Communities on Vineyard Avenue and Birch Creek Drive in southeast Pleasanton. Prior to that project, 56 below-market priced duet homes were sold on the Bernal property south of the Alameda County Fairgrounds (Walnut Hills, Canyon Oaks, and Carlton Oaks). While there are currently no new below-market priced homes available for purchase, the City is always seeking opportunities to work with developers of new housing to set aside units at below-market sales prices as has been done in the past. The City works closely with the Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center to keep interested parties informed regarding future ownership housing opportunities both new and through resales (see contact information listed above).

Rental Housing

In 2012, the City Council rezoned approximately 70 acres of land throughout Pleasanton for future high density residential land use.  As a result, there are several new apartment developments that are at various stages in the review process in 2014.  Most of these will include a percentage of below-market rent (BMR) units at varying affordability levels:


Development / Developer


Total Units

BMR Units


Anton Hacienda

(St. Anton Partners)

5725 W. Las Positas Blvd.
Appr May 2013; construction began Jan 2014

Hacienda Site 1

(BRE Properties)

Owens Dr. /

Willow Rd.



Appr May 2012; building permit review Jun 2014

Hacienda Site 2

(BRE Properties)

Gibraltar Dr. /

Hacienda Dr.



Appr May 2012; building permit review Jun 2014

Commons at Gateway

(Pleasntn Gateway LLC)

Valley Ave. /

Bernal Ave.

Appr Sep 2013; construction not yet begun

Residences at Calif. Ctr.

(Pleasant Partners)

4400-4460 Rosewood Dr.



Appr May 2013; construction not yet begun


(AufderMaur / ES Ring)

Stanley Bl. /

Bernal Ave.



Appr Aug 2013; construction not yet begun

SummerHill Apt. Communities

5850 W. Las Positas Blvd.



Appr Mar 2014; construction not yet begun

Hacienda Site 3

(Developer TBD)

Gibraltar Dr. /

Hacienda Dr.

No application submitted yet as of Jun 2014


All of the projects listed above are private developments, and the City is not directly involved in the construction.  In general, the application process for new BMR apartments does not start until the construction of a complex is approximately 50% completed.  Since none of these complexes are yet at this stage, none are actively open for BMR applications at the present time.  Please check this site frequently for updates on these projects.

Senior Housing

The Parkview assisted living facility, a 105-unit complex for senior citizens, opened in 2007. The facility offers housing with a range of services for seniors who need or desire assistance with "activities of daily living." The project is the result of a collaboration involving the City of Pleasanton, BRIDGE Housing Corporation (a nonprofit affordable housing developer), and Eskaton (an assisted living service provider). The City owns the 3.5 acre site located at 100 Valley Avenue (northwest corner of Sunol Blvd. and the former Junipero St.) and leases it to the owner at a rate of $1 per year in addition to providing other types of financial assistance.

A key feature of the Parkview is the significant component of below-market rate (BMR) units. A total of 31 of the 105 units in the complex have reduced rates targeted to a very low income (50% or less of the Area Median income, or AMI) and extremely low income (25% or less of AMI) senior citizens. The remaining 74 units are available at market rates. Monthly rates for the BMR units range from approximately $1,050 to $2,100 per month. In addition to their housing, residents of the BMR units receive, for the same flat monthly rate, a range of assisted living services based on individual need. The facility also includes a 19-unit "memory care" wing for seniors with Alzheimer's and other dementia conditions. One BMR space is available within the memory care wing.

Community interest in the Parkview has been very high. An initial leasing process for the BMR units was held in late 2006. On-going leasing of BMR units is coordinated directly by the on-site staff. For more information, contact The Parkview at 925-461-3042 or visit their web site at Application documents for the BMR units and related information can be viewed or downloaded by clicking below:

In 2006, the City Council approved a new set of guidelines for the planning, design, and review of future senior housing developments in the City of Pleasanton. They represent preferred standards for senior housing design, features, safety-security, services, and operational considerations. The guidelines are intended to be an informal tool for local community groups, architects and developers of both private and nonprofit senior housing and by City staff involved in planning and development of senior housing in Pleasanton.  Click here to view and download the City's Senior Housing Guidelines. For questions or additional information concerning the guidelines, contact the City's Housing Division at 925-931-5007.

In 2005, a new 172-unit development of "independent living" rental apartments for seniors aged 62 and older opened on the former Busch property in east Pleasanton. The project, called "The Gardens at Ironwood," is located on a 6 acre site located near Valley Ave. and Busch Rd. The complex includes 138 units at below-market rent levels that are considered affordable to seniors at 60% and 50% of the Area Median Income. The remaining 34 units are available at market rates. The development features one-bedroom (650 sq. ft.) and two-bedroom (805 sq. ft.) apartments. Second floor apartments are accessible via elevators. The complex also includes a 2,200 sq. ft. community room with attached manager's office, additional storage  facilities, kitchen, and a patio seating area for residents. All units include private kitchens and patios or balconies. Several units are fully wheelchair accessible. The project developer, Ponderosa Homes, worked with the City to establish a transit service for residents. The application process for the below-market rate units is conducted on-site, and interested parties may contact FPI Management 1-888-210-8896 for leasing information.

Like many cities throughout the country, Pleasanton has a housing authority.  Housing authorities are public corporations with boards appointed by the local government. Their mission is to provide affordable housing to low- and moderate-income people usually under the “Public Housing” model. Some housing authorities also provide other types of subsidized housing such as Section 8 rental vouchers. The Pleasanton Housing Authority is a small housing authority and does not have its own Section 8 program. All Section 8 assistance in Pleasanton is administered by the Housing Authority of the County of Alameda (HACA). Click here for more information on Section 8 rental assistance.  The Pleasanton Housing Authority owns one Public Housing property, Kottinger Place, which provides 50 units of low-cost housing for very low income elderly persons. The application process for Kottinger Place is coordinated directly by the on-site management office (240 Kottinger Drive, Pleasanton; 925-846-0133). The current 5-Year Plan and Annual Agency Plan for the Pleasanton Housing Authority can be viewed here.


Housing Finance Programs

In 2004, the City received an allocation of HELP (Housing Enabled by Local Partnership) funds from the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) to introduce a new Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program to low and moderate income buyers of homes in Pleasanton using matching City funds.  The program currently provides up to $20,000 in down payment assistance for low- and moderate-income buyers.  Assistance is in the form of a low-interest (3.5%) loan that is amortized over 20 years.  Buyers are responsible for obtaining a first mortgage with a CalHFA-approved lender at a fixed interest rate with no negative amortization, balloon payment or adjustable rate features.  Click on the links below to view and download the brochure, application, and detailed guidelines for the DPA program.  For additional information, including the availability of funds, contact the City’s Housing Division at 925-931-5007.

(All pdf formatted files.)

The City maintains a Lower Income Housing Fee for residential and commercial development consistent with the City's Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance. The current fees are:

Lower Income Housing Fees

(as of January 1, 2014; updated annually)

Single Family Detached/unit
Multi-Family (rental and ownership) and single family less than 1,500 square feet/unit
Commercial, Office and Industrial per square foot

For additional important information, click here.

NOTE: It is illegal for any housing provider to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, physical handicap, marital status, sexual preference, or religion. If you have been unlawfully discriminated against, or you have questions about your rights, contact ECHO Housing at 510-581-9380 or 925-449-7340.





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