City of Pleasanton

Pleasanton Civic Arts Event
Golden Bough

December 4, 2009

8:00 p.m.

Adult: $15, $20, $25
Youth: $10, $15, $20

  (18 years and under)
Senior: $10, $15, $20

  (62 years and over)


"Golden Bough won the hearts of Redlands in 1996 and won them all over again in 1998.  Thank you for bringing your joy and charm to the Redlands Bowl with your very special, unique and long to be remembered music." Redlands Community Music Association, Inc.

Rooted in the traditional Celtic music of Ireland and Scotland, this trio of modern day minstrels has expanded upon these ethnic styles through the development of intriguing arrangements and original compositions.  Accompanying themselves on an array of acoustic instruments (Celtic harp, guitar, octave-mandolin, mandolin, accordion, violin, penny-whistle and bodhran) they blend their voices in pristine three-part harmony and feature haunting solo vocals. Golden Bough captures the essence and joy of traditional music.





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