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Lot Line Adjustment

What is a Lot Line Adjustment?

A lot line adjustment is required to move a property line between two or more existing adjacent lots or parcels without creating a new lot. Lot line adjustments are reviewed administratively by the Staff Review Board.
Information Required

  • Application + Fee ($50)
  • Property Owner Signature
  • Lot Line Adjustment Plan

A total of five (5) complete sets of exhibits are required to accompany the application materials. Plans should be submitted on 18" x 24" or 24" x 36" standard-sized sheets, folded to fit an 8½" x 11" file folder.

Application + Fee - A complete application and $50.00 application fee is required upon application submittal.

Property Owner Signature or Letter of Authorization - The property owner must sign the application form or provide a written letter of authorization prior to review of the application.

Lot Line Adjustment Plan - Plans must be prepared by a registered civil engineer, licensed surveyor or practicing land or city planner. The topography and boundaries must be certified as to accuracy by a registered civil engineer or licensed surveyor, and all public improvements must be designed by a registered civil engineer. All submittals must be clearly and legibly reproduced.

Lot line adjustment plans should clearly indicate the following:

the location of all existing and proposed lot lines with the bearings and distances noted;

  • the location of all existing and proposed buildings on the site with setbacks to property lines shown;
  • the dimensions of each lot and calculations of existing and proposed lot areas; othe location of all existing and proposed easements;
  • the location of all trees with a trunk diameter of four inches (4") or greater; otract and lot numbers, north arrow, written and graphic bar scale;
  • the name and address of the record owner(s) of the property;
  • the name and address of the person, firm, or organization preparing the lot line adjustment map.

The Application Process


Staff Analysis

Lot line adjustment applications are reviewed administratively by the Planning Department and the Staff Review Board. If all requirements are met, the lot line adjustment is processed by the City and sent to the County for recordation within several weeks of the application submittal. The Zoning Administrator is the decision making body for lot line adjustment applications. A lot line adjustment becomes final when it is recorded by the County.

Appeal Period

You will be informed officially by letter of the action taken by the City on your application and of any conditions that may have been attached to an approval. The decision becomes effective 15 days after the ruling. If your request is denied, or you do not agree with an attached condition, you may appeal the decision to the Planning Commission by submitting a written request and a fee (equal to 25% of the original application fee) to the Planning Department within the 15 day appeal period. An appeal will be scheduled for the first available Planning Commission meeting. The decision of the Planning Commission may be further appealed to the City Council.

Project Approval

The decision of the City Council is final. If the Staff Review Board approves your application and you do not file an appeal within the 15-day appeal period, the decision becomes effective. Once a lot line adjustment has City approval, it must be recorded with the County. This phase of the process is administrative and is coordinated through the City's Engineering Department. For additional information about this process, please contact the Engineering Department at 931-5650.
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