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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division of the City of Community Development Department is there to enforce the Pleasanton Municipal Code as it applies to property maintenance, property nuisances and other problems in residential and commercial zoning districts.

The Code Enforcement Division works closely with all City departments in order to resolve health, safety, and public nuisance problems that adversely affect the quality of life of the citizen's of Pleasanton. The Unit focuses on public education as the best way to gain voluntary compliance with the Pleasanton Municipal Code and steers abatement measures through coordinated and cooperative measures, rather than through disjointed singular efforts. Over 90 percent of all reported problems are resolved on the initial contact by Code Enforcement Officers. In rare circumstances, administrative penalties are assessed to those who fail to comply with the municipal code.

There is a long list of problems handled by the Code Enforcement Division including:

  • Visible garbage and trash
  • Overgrown weeds and vegetation
  • Junk and other debris visible from a public street
  • Vehicles parked on lawns or dirt
  • Illegal auto repairs/dismantling
  • Unsightly buildings in disrepair
  • Boats, campers, and trailers stored in front yards (motorhomes are allowed)
  • Fences and structures in violation of City code
  • Work conducted without Building permits
  • Work conducted without Design Review approval
  • Piles of dirt, rock, etc., dumped on the public street
  • Basketball standards placed on public sidewalks
  • Businesses which disrupt neighboring properties
  • Preventing early morning construction noise before 8:00 a.m.
  • Illegal signs, including garage sale signs placed on public property

The Senior Code Enforcement Officer, is trained in all aspects of Code Enforcement and serves as a resource to Police Officers in addressing neighborhood problems.

Property Maintenance/Unlawful Property Nuisances

Important Neighborhood City Codes

General Handouts and Regulations

Code Enforcement Complaint Form (pdf)

Please fill out the form online. If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat you can do a 'save as', and print or email. If you only have Adobe Reader you can print, but not save.

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Mark Dennis (925) 931-5620




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