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What Is Administrative Design Review?

The City of Pleasanton's Design Review process is intended to preserve and enhance the City's aesthetic values as well as the public health, safety, and general welfare. Administrative Design Review applies to the following projects: additions to single-family residences, accessory structures with a height greater than ten feet, and a fence, wall or hedge between six feet and eight feet in height. The Zoning Administrator acts on all applications which require administrative design review.

In designing any new construction, you should consider the compatibility of the project with the existing residence and the surrounding vicinity. In designing your proposal, you should be sensitive to the location, size, colors, and materials to be used, as well as effects on adjacent uses and properties, such as privacy or visual factors. Before you prepare your plans, it is suggested that you check with a planner to determine setbacks and other requirements which pertain to the site.

Information Required

• Site Plan Drawings
• Photographs/Color Board

• Elevation Drawings
• Property Owner Signature
• Floor Plan
• Application + Fee ($25)
• Lot size, existing house size (with and without the garage), and size of the proposed addition in square feet.

One (1) complete set of exhibits is required to accompany the application materials. Plans should be drawn to scale and no smaller than 8 1/2" x 11" nor larger than 24" x 36".

Site Plan Drawing - An exhibit which clearly indicates the location of all existing and proposed structures, landscaping, pedestrian building entrances, and vehicle access to the site. Dimensions, setback distances from property lines, street location, and the address of the property should also be shown.

Elevation Drawings - An exhibit which shows all relevant details of the proposed construction, including: dimensions, materials, colors, and any other special characteristics of the project. Applications for additions to existing residences should include existing building elevations to properly illustrate the setting of the project. For freestanding accessory structures and fences, the drawings should show any adjacent landscaping and/or structures, and the appearance of all views of the project.

Floor Plan - An exhibit which shows all relevant details of the proposed construction, including: dimensions, walls, windows, doors, use of each existing and proposed room (e.g., kitchen, bedroom, office, etc.).

Photographs and Color Board - Not required but strongly encouraged.

Property Owner Signature or Letter of Authorization - Property owner must sign the application form or provide a written letter of authorization prior to review of the application.

Application + Fee ($25) - A complete application form and $25.00 fee is required. Please state clearly what the application is for purpose/function of the project, unique characteristics of proposal, size of construction, etc. This information should be included on the application form or on a separate sheet of paper attached to the form.

Lot Size, Existing House Size, and Size of Proposed Addition
- Write the lot size, existing house size with and without the garage, and the size of the proposed addition on the plans. All sizes must be in square feet.

The Application Process



When your application is considered complete, a planner will be assigned to the case to analyze your application. He/She will check for conformity with the required building setbacks, compatibility of the proposal with the existing structures, and any potential effects on neighboring properties. Changes or modifications to your project may be suggested or recommended.

Notice of the proposal will be mailed to all adjacent property owners and others who may be visually or physically affected by the project. The neighbors will be notified of the proposal and invited to review and comment on the application at the Planning Department. Within seven days of the notice, any interested party may request a hearing before the Zoning Administrator to express any concerns about the proposed project.


If a hearing is not requested during the seven-day public review period, the Zoning Administrator will take official action on the project. You will be informed in writing of the project's status and any conditions that are attached to an approval. The decision becomes effective 15 days after the Zoning Administrator's action, as long as the project is not appealed.


The City encourages resolution of outstanding issues to be done informally by neighbors. However, if a hearing is requested during the public review period, a hearing will be scheduled once a date and time is agreed upon by the affected parties. The Zoning Administrator will make a decision concerning your application based on staff information and testimony given at the hearing.


The decision of the Zoning Administrator shall become effective fifteen days after the date of the decision. Any affected party may appeal a decision of the Zoning Administrator to the Planning Commission by submitting a written request and an appeal fee (equal to 25% of the original application fee) to the Planning Department during the 15 day appeal period. An appeal will be scheduled for the first available Planning Commission meeting. The decision of the Planning Commission may be appealed to the City Council within 15 days of the Commission's action. The decision of the City Council shall be final.


If not appealed, your approval will become effective fifteen days after the date of the decision. Administrative design review approval is valid for a period of one year from the date of approval, after which the approval lapses if a building permit has not been issued and construction has not commenced. An extension of one year may be approved by the Zoning Administrator prior to the expiration date.

Forms required for Administrative Design Review:

Application for Development Review (81 K)

After this form is complete and you have checked it carefully

for errors, you should deliver it to the Planning Department along with any supplemental materials and fees due (as listed above). For information on filling out forms online, click here.



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