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Permit Process

Building Inspection Services/Permit Process

The City of Pleasanton Building and Safety Division is responsible for issuing building permits and collecting building permit related fees. Offices are located in the Civic Center Building, 200 Old Bernal Avenue, in the downtown complex next to the Library and Police Station. Our office hours at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Submittal Process

The City of Pleasanton believes that the documents submitted for approval serves as a communication tool and must efficiently communicate to the building official as well as a contractor. It is hoped that a standardized, well-documented set of drawings and specifications will increase the understanding of plan reviewers and reduce the time required to review a set of documents. Without a complete submittal as outlined in these guidelines, delays in the permit approval process will likely occur. Call the Building and Safety Division at 925-931-5300 for other types of submittals not shown here.

The standard turnaround time for plan check is five weeks. Small projects that do not involve review by multiple departments may return from plan check in less time, depending on the workload. Fast track is generally not available, especially on multi-departmental reviews where additional routing and coordination is required. Special review turnaround needs are considered on a case by case basis only.

The fees for plan check are required to be paid at the time the documents are submitted for review. The amount of the plan check fee is based on the valuation of the project. If you would like a copy of our Development Fee Handout, which lists all the fees the Building and Safety Division collects, you may call 925-931-5300 to arrange for one to be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to you.

Over the Counter Plan Checks

Some minor permits may be issued over the counter without a plan check. Examples of these types of permits are as follows:

Fencing (Over 6' in height)*
Furnace and Air Conditioner replacement
Kitchen and bath remodels (interior changes only)
Swimming Pools*
Termite repairs
Water Heaters
Window Replacement*

General Requirements

The designer must wet sign the plans. If the designer is a licensed architect or civil engineer, then a professional stamp must be affixed to the plans as well. If the design professional does not wish to sign the plans on the first round of plan check they may annotate the plans "Not for Construction, Plan Check Only", and the plans can be accepted without a signature. An "Application for Building and Safety Division Permits" form must be filled out and accompany all plan submittals.


*Requires approval from the Planning Department first.

Other types of permits can only receive an over the counter plan check, or permit, if time and available personnel exists. Many permits, even small jobs, require approval from multiple departments and require special arrangements to schedule. Contact the Building and Safety Division at 925-931-5300 for any questions or clarifications.

Design Criteria

Click here for Design Criteria.



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