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The City of Pleasanton offers a number of activities, classes, camps and workshops for all ages covering exercise and wellness, a wide variety of specialty topics, and nature/environmental education. The City also provides sign language translators for participants in recreational programs.

Exercise and Wellness: Being fit and healthy adds to your quality of life, and we offer several types of classes to help you get in shape and stay that way.  They include things such as yoga; also dance workouts; self-hypnosis, positive thinking and relaxation techniques; strength training; cardio and aerobic conditioning; Shiatsu massage; self defense; running and triathlon training. We even offer an exercise class for new mothers and their babies. Click the left side menu link for the current activity guide and this season’s classes.

Specialty Classes: Does your dog need obedience training?  We offer that.  Does your child show an interest in creating websites, animation, and other computer-related things? We offer classes for those, too.  Does your teen need babysitter training? We can train your future babysitter. Have a shutter bug in the family? Maybe Portrait Photography is up their alley. Woodworking peak your interest? You can learn to make a small table in our woodshop.  Click the left side menu link for the current activity guide for these and more.

Click here for Contract Instructor Handbook and Class Proposal Form.


Nature/Natural World: Take a hike or learn about our incredible surroundings, including plants, animals and insects, through our Natural World classes. Click the left side menu link for the current activity guide for more information.


Environmental Education: We’re excited to offer the opportunity for residents, teachers and students to learn more about our environment, and the cultural and natural history of Pleasanton. Discover the fascinating world of the Ohlone People before European contact. Learn about oak-wooded communities, life cycles, adaptation, food chains, and ecosystems. Create a nature project through our nature series program. Special group hikes, field trips to local creeks and arroyos, and in-class presentations that adhere to grade level standards and curriculum are all offered by City Naturalist Eric Nicholas and Assistant Naturalist Megan Kummer. For more information, contact Megan Kummer at or call (925) 931-3482.

2013-2014 Environmental Education Program Guide


Ridge Runners Nature Day Camps


Pleasanton Community Garden Patch Program:

The Community Services Department facilitates a community garden in Val Vista Community Park.  The garden is comprised of thirty-three (33) full-sized patches, each measuring approximately 225 sq. ft. and, as of January 1, 2011, seven (7) new smaller patches of approximately 100 sq. ft. have been added to the gardens, bringing the total patches to 40.  Applications and general garden information are available through the links below. 

Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis from Pleasanton residents only.  All gardeners will be required to complete a Patch License Agreement and pay an annual non-refundable Patch Fee of $100 for large patches (~225 sq. ft.) and $50 for small patches (~100 sq. ft.). Fees are reduced by half after July 1 for the remainder of the year, in addition to a one-time patch deposit fee of $75 for all patches (refundable on condition). 

Prospective gardeners will be placed on a waitlist in order of application receipt.  For additional information, please contact Christina Craft, Community Gardens Coordinator via email at


Click here for more information on the Community Garden Patch Program.


Services for the Disabled: Within City government, there are several services available for the disabled community.

  • The City of Pleasanton will provide special assistance for disabled citizens to participate in public meetings upon advance notice. If you need an auxiliary hearing aid or sign language assistance, at least 2 working days advance notice is necessary. Please contact the City Clerk's Office, P.O. Box 520, Pleasanton, CA 94566 or (925) 931-5027 or with the following information: Name, mailing address, phone number, and type of assistance requested.

  • The City also provides sign language assistance for participants in various recreational programs.  Once you are registered for a class, please contact the program supervisor to request a sign language interpreter.  Sufficient advance notice is required.

  • People with ADA-certified disabilities can take make use of our scheduled, door-to-door transportation service through Pleasanton Paratransit Services

  • For the developmentally disabled community, we offer a variety of trips and activities through our Recreation Activities for the Developmentally Disabled (RADD) Program

  • The Dolores Bengtson Aquatic Center offers an Adaptive Aquatics course for those that are physically unable to participate in the Learn to Swim Program. Contact the Aquatics Center at (925) 931-3420 for the next scheduled course.


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